It's all here!
April 2nd - April 5th, 2020
It's all here!
April 2nd - April 5th, 2020
Thursday, April 2
April 2
12pm - 9pm
12p - 9p

Friday, April 3
April 3
12pm - 9pm
12p - 9p

Saturday, April 4
April 4
10am - 9pm
10a - 9p

Sunday, April 5
April 5
10am - 5pm
10a - 5p

The “Specialty” RI Flower Show

Brought to you by:

RIBA Home Show Sponsor – Central Nurseries, RIFGC, & FFA

Allow us to welcome you to the 2020 Rhode Island Federation of Garden Clubs Design Specialty Flower Show ‘Our World’. Talented floral designers from all over New England have been brought to the Rhode Island Home Show to celebrate flowers, cultures, and colors, in a unique and extraordinary fashion. When you visit the Home Show we hope you imagine more than your house or apartment- it’s the creative voice you bring to your home that makes it special. Inspiration awaits so be sure to come see us and say Hello.

Enjoy over 48 contemporary and traditional floral designs that range from petite creations to tablescapes. The range of what is possible is extraordinary. There is even a class of underwater designs- something that hasn’t been represented in our state show for many years. Additionally, 12 of the pieces on exhibit are part of the popular Botanical Arts division- here you will find garden creatures created exclusively with natural materials. Educational exhibits and well over 100 designs created by local youth of all ages represent out strong outreach efforts in the community.
Did you know it’s our Birthday? RIFGC has served our state and nearby Massachusetts for 90 years. Our organization is an all-volunteer group committed to horticulture, the environment, education, and design with outreach projects involving civic beautification, youth, seniors, veterans, and garden therapy programs. If that sounds like a lot – it is! There is truly something for everyone in a Garden Club.

With top designers that have exhibited internationally, RIFGC has extensive knowledge of the current trends in the industry of floriculture. In response to the interest in alternatives to single-use plastics and floral foam products, we will be doing demonstrations that show how to make arrangements and designs using various techniques. What are some of the benefits of some of the other techniques represented in our programs?

  • You already have everything you need to begin designing- no extra trip to the store!
  • A wider range of flowers are at your disposal.
  • The flowers last longer in water.
  • Environmentally sustainable approach to design.
  • New techniques can lead to a completely fresh look and creative experience. Try it- you just might love it!

All of the designs in the Flower Show done by juniors have been created without the use of floral foam so be sure to show them your support!

Thursday, April 7 12pm - 9pm
Friday, April 8 12pm - 9pm
Saturday, April 9 10am - 9pm
Sunday, April 10 10am - 5pm