It's all here!
April 2nd - April 5th, 2020
It's all here!
April 2nd - April 5th, 2020
Thursday, March 30
March 30
12pm - 9pm
12p - 9p

Friday, March 31
March 31
12pm - 9pm
12p - 9p

Saturday, April 1
April 1
10am - 9pm
10a - 9p

Sunday, April 2
April 2
10am - 5pm
10a - 5p

Welcome to the Inspiration Showcase

The All New!


The definition of INSPIRATION is the feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something that gives you new and creative ideas. That is the essence of what our INSPIRATION SHOWCASE is based on. This new feature will provide visitors access to experts who will answer design questions as well as provide visually dramatic vignettes and educational support. DIY enthusiasts will leave with a renewed sense of excitement!

Additionally, we are bringing the outdoors ‘in’ with a patio seating area that includes fabulous food and drink tastings from local establishments.

Visit this feature and be inspired by topics such as: Getting a High End Look on a Low Budget, Appealing Gallery and Wall Decor, The Organized Home Office, Decorating Small Spaces, Rooms and Apartments, Lighting Styles to Create Dappled Light, Psychology of Paint Colors, Home Organization and DeCluttering to Lower Stress and Achieve Simplicity, Entertaining Ideas that Include Creating Your Own Charcuterie Masterpiece, Unique Outdoor Patio Oasis Ideas, and so much more.

We are thrilled to welcome you to the INSPIRATION SHOWCASE and believe you’ll want to return year after year for the newest trends, decorating, design and entertaining tips.

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Thur, March 30 12pm - 9pm
Fri, March 31 12pm - 9pm
Sat, April 1 10am - 9pm
Sun, April 2 10am - 5pm