It's all here!
April 2nd - April 5th, 2020
It's all here!
April 2nd - April 5th, 2020
Thursday, April 2
April 2
12pm - 9pm
12p - 9p

Friday, April 3
April 3
12pm - 9pm
12p - 9p

Saturday, April 4
April 4
10am - 9pm
10a - 9p

Sunday, April 5
April 5
10am - 5pm
10a - 5p

The Home Décor Store

Looking for that unique home décor item? Something you just can’t seem to find at regular home stores? Inspired by our commitment to interior design, and based on the feedback from show surveys, the RI Home Show now has a home décor store that will allow you to FIND that something special.

The store can be found in Aisle 100
Thursday, April 7 12pm - 9pm
Friday, April 8 12pm - 9pm
Saturday, April 9 10am - 9pm
Sunday, April 10 10am - 5pm